Mathgic pre-assessment  has been carefully compiled to judge the students’ mathematical ability, logical thinking, strengths and weaknesses of each mathematics topic. After the pre-assessment is complete, our tutor will explain the results of the assessment and tailor the individualized learning plan to meet the students’ real needs in light of the students’ progress and the relevant topics and exercises in the school curriculum.

Continuous assessment

In order to understand the learning progress of each student better, tutors will write a short report after each lesson. At the end of each course, a summative assessment is provided. Our tutor will adjust the learning content and reset goals and directions in the next course. Students will build self-confidence in learning mathematics through continuous assessment.

Course fee

Tuition fee: $850 / 4 sessions (1 hour per lesson) ﹔ $1,600 / 8 sessions (1 hour per lesson)

Enrollment fee: $100 (including Student  Identity Card, stationery set and school-bag)

Assessment fee: $200 (exemption from enrollment)

Pre-assessment appointment

Please fill in your personal information in below form or send a Whatsapp message to 6698 6856 for appointment