Question 1: How to register for our courses?


Step 1: Please call 3903 1774 or WhatsApp 6698 6856 for a pre-assessment appointment and we will establish a set of individualised learning plan to record their learning progress.

Step 2: Please read and know more about our course features, course details, fees and administrative terms and conditions of our centre before enrollment.

Step 3: Complete the application form and sign at the end to confirm your enrolment at our centre.

Step 4: Select classes and one of the centres.

Step 5: Pay the enrollment fee and tuition fee (payment methods: cash, cheque or credit card).

Step 6: Apply for a student identity card, you will get a stationery set, a name tag, a school bag and an official receipt from our staff.

Step 7: Enrollment process completed.

Question 2: How can a student make up for missed classes?

Answer: Each student will be eligible for one free make-up class within 4 lessons. Please WhatsApp (6698 6856) 2-7 days before the class. Additional make-up class fee is $100 for each lesson.

In case of sick leave, student will be eligible for free make-up class if medical proof is provided. Please call us at least an hour before the class. If you call outside office hours, please leave us a voice message. When no medical proof is received, we will regard it as causal leave.

Question 3: What does the enrollment fee include?

Answer: The enrollment fee includes a student identity card, a stationery set, a name tag and a school bag.

Question 4: Do I need to bring student identity card every lesson? How can I apply for the replacement of a lost student identity card?

Answer: Yes, it is a must to bring your student identity card every time for attendance purpose. If not, our staff may reject you to enter the classroom, or we may charge $10 administrative fee to verify your identity. The student will need to apply for the replacement of a lost student identity card at our centre’s counter and pay a fee of $50.

Question 5: Can students bring their mobile phones to attend lessons?

Answer: Yes, but all mobile phones need to be switched off or turned to silent mode during lessons. Please do not make any phone calls in the classroom, so as not to affect other students.

Question 6: Can students record a lesson for further study?

Answer: No, audio recording, photography, video recording and the use of walkie-talkies is strictly prohibited within our centre. It is strictly forbidden to bring such equipment into our centre. Offenders may be detained by our centre. Our centre reserves all legal rights to do so.

Question 7: What are the arrangements for typhoons and rainstorms?

Answer: In times of typhoons and rainstorms, all the contingency arrangements are subject to final decision of our centre. We will decide on the continuous or suspension of the class according to the actual situation and the public announcements issued by the Education Bureau. Parents should pay attention to announcements on our website and our facebook page. (Website:; Facebook:

Question 8: Can students attend lessons at different centres?

Answer: No, because each individualised learning plan is placed at the selected centre. Please submit an application at our counter as soon as possible if the student needs to change to another centre. We will deliver the entire individualised learning plan to that other centre afterwards.