Developing basic concept, master numbers and spatial


Suitable for P.1 to P.3 students


Regular Course / Online Course
4 sessions a month, 1 hour per session

Intensive Course / Online Course
8 sessions a month, 1 hour per session

Class size

Low student-teacher ratio of 6:1

Course features

  1. Arouse learning interest through diversified activities, measuring hands-on learning, shapes, constructions and proper mathematical terms
  2. Training in mental arithmetic and careful observation serves as a firm foundation in learning mathematics
  3. Reasonable number of assignments can consolidate learning and facilitate self-learning

Learning strand





Shape and space

2-D shapes、3-D shapes、Angles、Perpendicular、Parallel、Positions and directions


Collect、Scales、Construct charts

Course fee

Course and materials fee*:
$850 / 4 sessions (1 hour per session); $1,600 / 8 sessions (1 hour per session)

Enrollment fee: $100 (including Student  Identity Card, stationery set and school-bag)

Assessment fee: $200 (exemption from enrollment)


*12-session learning package is also available. Please contact our staff for more details.

*At the request of parents, we will stake-hold the undue course fees and arrange to pay the fees when the fee falls due.  Parents may request to return the stake-hold money before it is used.  


Please call or send a WhatsApp message to 6698 6856 for appointment

Course Schedule

Please call or send a WhatsApp message to 6698 6856.