Analyze concept logic, apply strategies in problem solving


Suitable for S.1 to S.3 students


Regular Course / Online Course
4 sessions a month, 1 hour per session

Intensive Course / Online Course
8 sessions a month, 1 hour per session

Class size

Low student-teacher ratio of 6:1

Course features

  1. Smooth transitions of basic mathematics knowledge from primary school curriculum to junior secondary school curriculum
  2. Integrative use of real-life scenarios and concrete materials in learning situations
  3. Presenting concepts in simple language

Learning strand

Number and Algebra

Functions、Negative integers、Rational numbers、Irrational numbers、Sequences

Measures, Shape and Space



Probability、Central tendency

Course fee

Course and materials fee*:
$850 / 4 sessions (1 hour per session); $1,600 / 8 sessions (1 hour per session)

Enrollment fee: $100 (including Student  Identity Card, stationery set and school-bag)

Assessment fee: $200 (exemption from enrollment)


*12-session learning package is also available. Please contact our staff for more details.

*At the request of parents, we will stake-hold the undue course fees and arrange to pay the fees when the fee falls due.  Parents may request to return the stake-hold money before it is used.  

Pre-class assessment

please call or send a WhatsApp message to 6698 6856 for appointment