Listed company, quality guaranteed

Established by Beacon Group, which has 30 years of school experience, we have excellent, professional and dedicated tutors, providing students with appropriate education

Based on the latest curriculum guidelines

Curriculum content is based on the latest Mathematics Education Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide by the Education Bureau

Courseware in Chinese and English

Teaching materials are available in both Chinese and English, and are suitable for local and international school students


Assessment will show students’ mathematical ability, logical thinking and the strengths and weaknesses in different mathematics topics

Well-trained tutors

All tutors are enthusiastic, and professionally trained, having acquired considerable teaching experience

Small class teaching

Our tutors can offer one-on-one assistance. Students generally feel more confortable asking questions

Huge collection of quality questions

Nearly 30,000 test questions covering pre-school, primary school, and junior secondary school curricula

Individualized learning plan

Each student will be assigned a set of individual study files to record their learning progress

Flexible lessons

Students can choose any available time slot during the center’s office hours

Practice of everyday life

Integrated with Mathematics Olympiad as a “challenge” topic at higher levels, student-centered environment encouraging more communication between students and tutors